Four Person Bundle

Four Person Bundle

The 2V2 Kit includes four complete Play XTAC sets, allowing for a more tactical gaming experience.

This is the best kit for trendsetters, as it allows you to Play XTAC in its truest form, Force on Force. We know it’s expensive, but it is worth every penny. Think about it as the best game night you will ever experience.

Included in the 2V2 Kit:

  • 4X XTAC Laser Emitter
  • 4X Modified, non-projectile firing HK P30
  • 1X Dot Target
  • 4X PlayXTAC Headbands
  • 4X PlayXTAC Vests

The XTAC Laser Emitter is programmed to offer a range of FOUR difficulty levels. Once powered on, you can change the pulse beam width by quickly pressing the power button, Mode 1 being ideal for beginners, and Mode 4 being the most difficult.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee