One Person Bundle

One Person Bundle

The Alone and Unafraid Kit includes everything you need to join the fight or make your friends jealous.

We recommend buying this kit if you are looking to play with your friends who already own the equipment. If you’re the first person in your friend group to get into PlayXTAC, we suggest looking at our PlayXTAC Smart Targets to allow yourself to train and sight in.

Included in the Alone and Unafraid Kit:

  • 1X XTAC Laser Emitter
  • 1X Modified, non-projectile firing HK P30
  • 1X Dot Target
  • 1X PlayXTAC Headband
  • 1X PlayXTAC Vest

The XTAC Laser Emitter is programmed to offer a range of FOUR difficulty levels. Once powered on, you can change the pulse beam width by quickly pressing the power button, Mode 1 being ideal for beginners, and Mode 4 being the most difficult.

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